Prenatal prevention of allergy development in babies/children?

Answered on January 18, 2015
Created January 15, 2015 at 5:00 PM

Hi there, first-time poster and long-time reader.

I am 8 weeks pregnant and have been having a difficult time with "morning" sickness.  I'm able to stick with paleo/primal foods for the most part, aside from a few corn tortilla chips last week.  Like many other gals I've been craving simple and often gluteny things like bread or pasta.  I've been able to avoid gluten so far but it makes me wonder, is there any evidence to support exposure to gluten (or other common allergens) in the womb will prevent complications with those allergens later in the child's life?  Certainly not to use as a reason to eat cinnamon rolls and doughnuts for the next 7 months, but would eating a slice or two of real bread throughout my pregnancy have any benefits for baby after he/she is born?  I have been searching for studies but haven't found anything conclusive.  Any information would be appreciated :)

FYI, I do not have celiac, just find that I feel better avoiding grains (I never make a point to avoid cross-contamination at restaurants, so I imagine I've ingested some gluten in the last year or two) and keeping paleo.  I have been 95% paleo/primal for over three years, eating grains or refined sugar or peanut butter 1-2 times/year.  Personally I find that eating refined sugar makes me feel worse than gluten, but it has been a while since I've tried it. No known food allergies in my family, but most admit they feel a bit better being gluten-free. 


Edit:  Additionally, since I have avoided gluten for a long time, would it be even more harmful to baby if I were to ingest some during pregnancy?  As opposed to pregnant women who regularly consume gluten?  (I hope that question makes sense)

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on January 18, 2015
at 04:25 PM

I have often thought how to push improved nutrition to the masses, and one thing that always struck me is that testing fermented/soaked foods with pregnant women should result in a large positive effect. Of course there will be histamines, but I wonder if fermenting corn flour two days with ACV, before cooking it into cornmeal, would be enough to insure decent carbo intake. Same for 4 days bean soaking (2 with water, 2 rinsed and covered to develop sprouts), it is much lighter than regular beans. Of course, I would discard all dairy and egg whites, in favor of egg yolks and ground egg shells. 

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