Leather/Chromium Contact Allergy

Answered on December 06, 2014
Created April 09, 2012 at 8:16 PM

We have decided to declutter and get rid of some stuff that's been lying around in our garage/house this weekend.

My OH sold his motorbike last year and he still had his leathers, so we put them up on eBay. Anyhoo, I handled them and came out in hives where I'd carried them (WTF???).

I've had a quick google and it looks like I could be allergic to the chromium that's used to treat leather (it could be something else that's used in the processing, but I'm not sure what).

I have type 2 diabetes and had been taking chromium supplements for a while without any noticeable reaction (perhaps I did have a reaction, just not on my skin).

Anyone want to hack my allergy? What could the impact of a chromium allergy be, especially as I have diabetes? Could there be a link between a chromium allergy and diabetes?

FWIW, I do also have a nickel contact allergy. I came out in hives with the bike leathers, but I usually get itchy dermatitis with nickel contact.

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on December 06, 2014
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Hello, you may be interested in the testimonial that Allerg’Atopie published on her Facebook page. She has several allergies including to Nickel (and Chromium?) and has been suffering from eczema and dyshidrosis as a consequence, and she reports wonderful results with products from SKINTIFIQUE . This is a new derm company launched by a Harvard Professor and a group of experts from Boston and Paris. Some of the products provide moisturizing and protection against Nickel, Chromium and other metals (skin rashes and dyshidrotic eczema is often a result of allergy to metals), and a Gel cream that provides intense moisturizing and soothing relief to sensitive, allergic or damaged skin. They do not contain any steroids and other drugs known to harm skin over the long run. Hope this can help.

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