allergic to mineral makeup?

Commented on March 06, 2015
Created October 17, 2013 at 12:45 PM

I wear Bare Escentuals mineral makeup practically every day - the foundation, mineral veil, and eyeshadow. I've never worn any other type of makeup, and most contain parabens and all sorts of nasty stuff, I wouldn't want to start. However I'm starting to suspect I may be somehow allergic to it, if that is possible.

A quick search online shows that some people are allergic, but they experience some kind of skin reaction, itchiness or patchiness, and I've never gotten that. I'm wondering if it's possible if mineral makeup could cause sinus issues, like a drippy nose, or dark circles under the eyes. I read dairy can be responsible for that, so on two separate occasions have given up dairy, and saw some improvement in the drippiness of my nose, but that's it. It recently occurred to me that my nose drips almost every time I apply the makeup (as well as at many other times, but still). Could I be breathing it in (despite trying not to) and it is affecting my sinuses somehow?

I know the best way to check would be to stop using it for a while and see if things clear up, but I don't know how to do that! I don't leave the house without makeup. I need it to even out my skin tone, and attempt to cover the dark circles. It would be ironic if the exact stuff I use to cover them actually caused them in the first place. I don't remember having dark circles when I was young, before I started using makeup, but I didn't care that much about my appearance, maybe I did and didn't notice.

Is there any sort of alternative I could use in the meantime? The foundation evens out my skin tone to some extent (as much as pale freckly skin can be evened out), and leaves a matte finish, which I prefer to the shiny look I retain after washing my face (oil cleansing method).

tl;dr Can Bare Minerals be responsible for sinus issues, and if yes, what alternatives can I use as foundation/concealer?


on March 06, 2015
at 05:07 PM

I have the same problem. Also running eyes and sore throat but have become so used to the make-up that I dont know what to replace it with!



on January 13, 2015
at 11:09 AM

Any update for us? I might have the same problem. :(

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