allergic reaction to goat yogurt????

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created August 31, 2012 at 2:55 PM

i was told that I am allergic to cow dairy... i was relieved to find that goat milk yogurt is easily available, however, I have recently experienced symptoms of watery eyes, runny nose, mucous in throat after I consume it....should I switch to goat kefir as it may be more hypo-allergenic or should I completely cut it out? is this a potential symptom of leaky gut

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3 Answers



on September 01, 2012
at 04:36 PM

As with raw dairy, goat dairy is not magic. If you react to it, don't consume it. Dairy, though tasty, is not necessary for human health.



on September 01, 2012
at 01:03 PM

Try making some goat kefir and see what the result is. If you've got a problem with lactose, the side effects would be gas, not mucus, so it's likely it's the casein that's problematic.

For me, anything with cow dairy over small amounts causes acid reflux at night. I've even sometimes had it with just protein powders, but goat kefir or cheese is fine, sheep's cheese is fine. (Haven't found a source of sheep milk to make kefir out of.) At worse these things cause a zit or two on my arm/chest, so they're not entirely benign, but better than reflux.

If you haven't been paleo for long, I'd say cut out all dairy for a month or two until you heal the leaky gut, (lots of bone broths, some L-Glutamine, home made kraut will help with that, and zero grains of any kind, except maybe white rice, zero legumes, especially soy/peanuts.)

Then after you're sure your gut is healed, try to introduce dairy and see if there's any issues.



on August 31, 2012
at 06:48 PM

I already replied to this on the other thread you mentioned it.

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