21 year old with all kinds of symptoms

Answered on March 22, 2015
Created March 17, 2015 at 3:13 AM

Hi paleos,

I've been eating paleo for about 6 months now. Haven't seen a huge improvement in my symptoms and wondering if anyone else has experienced something similar. My symptoms are as follows:

Brain fog (really bad)


Hair loss

Sehborric dermatitus

Muscle twitching


GI problems (gas, diarhea)

My main concern at the moment is the hair loss. I went to a derm who took a scalp sample and it came back as androgenic alopeica (male pattern baldness). Is there anyway that this could be incorrect? It is thinning very rapidly and diffusely. Not really in a male pattern at all. It has also changed back and forth in texture to thin and limp to more thick and full looking. Whenever the texture turns thick, the sehborric dermatitus goes away also.

I've had tons of tests done.. Not celiac, iron is normal (ferritin of 40), zinc was low but I have been supplementing, thyroid was all in the mid normal range. I did, however, have tons of igE food allergies. Wheat, rice, soy, peanuts, almonds, ehh whites. I had some sensitivites as well.??

Can anyone relate and/or shed some light on my situation?

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3 Answers


on March 22, 2015
at 12:47 AM

Artificial sweeteners, like aspartame? Some folks don't tolerate them and have reported similar symptoms. Check what you're eating and drinking. Diet drinks? Sugar-free gum???



on March 19, 2015
at 12:14 AM

Your list of symptoms are common to many things not generally picked up by conventional medical doctors.?? Your best bet is a functional or integrative MD--they pay more attention to nutrition, metabolism, gut microbiome, adrenal/endocrine systems, ????and food sensitivities than the average allopathic physician.??



on March 17, 2015
at 10:41 AM

So the twitching is a sign of lack of magnesium.?? It's good that you're supplementing zinc as it's needed for loads of things, including stomach acid, hormones, etc. and allergies to many things indicates leaky gut which could be caused by an infection caused by low stomach acid.?? This falls in with brain fog and the GI issues as well.


So first things, take some magnesium, start on bone broth, maybe supplement with 5-10g (yes grams) of L-Glutamine powder a day and see where it goes, then maybe go off into some probiotics to rebalanced your gut flora - something with Soil Based Organisms such as Prescript Assist, certainly you can make fermented veggies yourself.?? The easiest would be saur kraut.?? But save this for the later stages as the leaky gut should be healed first.


One thing you can try right now is GABA.?? GABA should not get past the blood brain barrier.?? If it does, you'll feel it, and normally in most people when it's taken on an empty stomach, is to feel a wave of calm in about 20m after taking it.?? In some people, it causes an excitatory effect, but this is rare.?? If you feel nothing at all, it means your blood brain barrier is closed, which is a good thing.?? The cells in the blood brain barrier are similar to the gut lining, so if your BBB is leaky this is a clear sign that your gut lining is leaky.?? (Hence both the GI and brain fog symptoms together).


Note that there are acetyl or liposomal versions of GABA used to get past the BBB on purpose.?? While those are awesome if you want to supplement with GABA, you'll want to use plain GABA pills for this test.


The hair loss stuff is a possible sign of autoimmune disease (not always).?? But either way, healing the leaky gut is a way to control multiple food allergies as well as AI diseases.?? Thinning hair could also indicate high stress and/or a thyroid issue - did your thyroid test check for antibodies??? They usually don't check for antibodies, just TSH and T4, which isn't a good enough test.


Fatigue could be caused by leaky gut itself (or worse if it's SIBO) as you won't be able to absorb nutrients properly, or it could be caused by hypothyroid, which in many cases could have gone all the way to Hashimotos (hence check for thyroid antibodies).


Usually the root cause of these types of symptoms comes down to either bad gut flora, most likely caused by too much carb intake over many years or a course or two of broad spectrum antibiotics, or grains/soy/BT corn causing damage to the gut lining and allowing large proteins into the blood stream, causing the immune system to create food alergies, and in the worst case autoimmune disease.


Your gut lining may not be damaged enough to be labeled celiac disease, but you might well have similar damage.?? It depends on what test they did - if it's a biopsy of the gut lining, then the damage isn't complete, and that's good, if it's an antibody test for celiac, those are nearly worthless as they check for only one possible antibody to gluten out of something like 16 or 32 possible ones, and if you really want to be sure, you could get a lab done from Cyrex labs, but those are expensive.



on March 17, 2015
at 07:23 PM

Thanks for the response! My magnesium is in the normal to high range.Zinc was reallllyy low. I had free t3 and t4 as well as a few other things. I dont have the test right in front of me, but it was all normal. I too think I have leaky gut. I've developed intolerences to foods I've never even had. I never had a biopsy of the gut, but had two blood tests done. Both negative for celiac. 

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