1 year old with eczema

Answered on March 06, 2016
Created December 31, 2013 at 12:31 PM

Hi everyone,

I have gone gluten free after doing an elimination diet while breastfeeding to cure my newborns reflux and colic -- gluten and citrus were the culprits! After her six month birthday I found I could eat it again without giving her any problems, but found that I was better off without it, and so my journey turning primal/paleo begun.

My daughter just turn a year old and has had very little exposure to gluten (a handful of times or so in small quantities in her life). However, over the past few months she has started getting dry skin -- first her outer thighs, then her shoulders. Now it is down all four limbs (feels bumpy), the bottom of her feet and the worst of it is on her hip/buttocks (feels like sandpaper and very ashy and pink). These are not your "typical" eczema spots. They also do not seem to bother her (no itchiness or pain), but I thought it was due to a recent soap change but changed back to no improvement. I also started bathing her less, but again, no improvement.

Then I made the possible connection that it started around the time I introduced egg yolk (11 mo), but I don't remember seeing anything sudden with the egg and proceeded to give more and more to her, even introducing the whole egg before a year. I've cut it out completely a week ago when I made the (possible) connection (as well as dairy, nuts and nightshades for good measure). How long before I should start seeing improvements? I have tried homeopathic creams and regular run of the mill creams that her pediatrician recommended. We live in Italy so no one is in agreement with primal/paleo/gluten-free unless you have a severe allergic reaction -- her pedi actually recommended that I continue giving her gluten even though the link to violent reflux was obvious. This, unfortunately, is the norm. I have been accused of experimenting on my daughter and jokes have been muttered about abusing her because I am depriving her of all important bread and pasta! So I doubt I'll get real in-person help around here.

Any thoughts on how long it should take before seeing improvement? Anything I might be missing? It is winter so my hands are very dry thanks to the cold and heater, but not even a humidifier seems to be much help. I would try a sensitivity test but I don't trust her not eating raw egg left on her wrist while I'm not looking...

Sorry this got so long, I just wanted to make sure I got everything in there... thanks in advance!


UPDATE: Apparently, it takes just over a week. It took about a week to start clearing up in then disappeared over the course of a few days. Has one or two slightly rough patches left on her legs, but shoulders, hips & butt and thighs have COMPLETELY turned baby soft again. Hurray! My guess that it was still in her system for a week and then just needed 48 hours or so to return to normal. It hasn't even been 48 hours since I posted and it was just as ugly then as it was when I started changing her diet.

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on March 06, 2016
at 01:31 AM

Hi, I just went through this with my 13 month old. I'm actually now trying to heal myself because I developed Eczema for the first time when he was 3 months old, the first time he got it. We figured out it was egg whites. I just recently got off my 3rd whole30 (but no eggs), and reintro'd the whole egg and we both flared up. My son's has taken about 3 weeks to go away 90% and I'm now dealing with pinning down another, different food allergy for myself.

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