Why does it feel like I'm allergic to EVERYTHING?!

Answered on October 29, 2013
Created October 28, 2013 at 8:07 PM

Can hormonal imbalance cause you to be allergic to certain foods that you weren't allergic to before? For example my throat gets sore EVERY time I eat tomatoes. And for anything with wheat in it my tongue gets a little itchy. Can "having an allergy" sometimes be a mental thing.. Where you feel like you're allergic but you really aren't? I might sound stupid but it's getting SO frustrating not being able to eat the things I once LOVED. Any advice, tips or whatever would be helpful!!!!

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2 Answers


on October 29, 2013
at 03:06 AM

I'm actually having the same problem...things that I ate before with no problems now give me what seems like an allergic reaction. I'm far from stressed or hormonal....love to know what's going on as well...



on October 29, 2013
at 02:07 AM

Inflammation and allergens are cumulative in effect. If you eat one thing you're slightly allergic to it might not bug you that much, but a meal with 5 things you're allergic to will have a bigger response. Stress and hormones also play a factor.

Wheat and nightshades are common irritants, so, it doesn't surprise me. Although it's strange that you used to be able to eat them without issue.

Maybe cut out the nightshades for now until you figure it out. (autoimmune protocol)

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