Recovering from Alcoholism through Paleo

Asked on January 27, 2015
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Greetings!!! I am new to this blog and have gone in and out of Paleo. I am a traveling choreographer and was a bartender for many years. So I ate what I could. Mainly salads with protein on them, (fish, meat, eggs), so on. For snacks I would eat seaweed, nuts and fruit. I am recovering from alcoholism and I feel as though Paleo will help a lot with cravings. I was an avid beer lover and I would eat burgers when I drank beer, not exactly good for a dancer. At any rate, I am a yogi and have tried the vegan diet but found it weighed me down. So in my years of trying different foods and staying away from booze, (also quitting the restaurant business), I am asking for tips on foods on the go that keep you from faltering into eating wraps, already prepared salads that have bad oils, etc etc. I am also interested if certain foods would also help with addiction. I would imagine fish, because of the lowering of cholesterol and the Omegas. Also, eggs seem to heighten my blood pressure dramatically, so I am trying not to eat so many hard boiled eggs. 


Also, I feel as though I have to eat tubor vegetables in order to keep regular (digestionally). I feel as though if I just eat greens and meat, fish, nuts, seeds, a little fruit, I am not as regular. So tubors seem to help, with which I understand tubors are to be limited in a paleo diet. Let me know your thoughts. There is a lot here.



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