How many drinks not to be hungover

Answered on October 04, 2014
Created October 02, 2014 at 12:25 AM

I admit it, I like to drink. Im 29 yrs old male, single and healthy so I go out once or twice a week with friends. I have a strict training schedule (jiu jitsu) as well as school monday-friday so I dont normally go out during the week but sometimes I do. In your experience, how many drinks does it take to cause hungover symptoms? How many drinks should I not be exceeding as to maintain all the health benefits from my diet/training? Just curious what peoples thoughts are

Im 5'11 160 if that means anything  

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on October 04, 2014
at 02:56 PM

Alcohol ain't paleo. 

That said, tolerance is highly individual and varies with time. I used to handle 6-8 drinks in a night with nary a hangover the next day. Now, I can't really drink anything, 3-4 gives me a headache the next day, and that's if I power through the upset stomach that 1-2 drinks give me. Never been a regular drinker, so I'm just guessing that age is catching up with me and my tolerance isn't exactly high anymore. 

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on October 03, 2014
at 10:25 AM

Well as if you are a male then 5-7 standard cocktails consumed over a 4-6 hour period, is a hangover symptoms.


And in female 3-5 drinks is enough.....

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