Can alcohol intolerance (or other foods) be reversed with better dieting?

Asked on May 17, 2013
Created May 17, 2013 at 6:04 AM

I can cook with wine or drink about 0.5-1oz of alcohol without ill effect. After this, I start to feel kind of hot / icky / dehydrated / palpitationy as soon as during my second drink (though I do not have a flush reaction.) I can continue onto a third or fourth if I want (and feel a nice buzz for about an hour), but it will then be met with a serious 1 to 2 day hangover of headaches and a general flu-like vibe and taste in my mouth. My mother / grandmother have alcohol allergies, and my sister has the flush reaction, but, I was always fine to drink. (According to 23andme, I have 2 copies of ALDH2 where my mom and sister have 1. My dad has 2. I really wish I had access to my ADH1B markers.)

When I was a teenager, I could drink without any of this ill effect. I've had some good nights out with friends, but I was nerver a heavy drinker. I was almost hangover-proof back then.

As far as I can tell, my liver is in decent shape, but it's been through about 28 years of junk food abuse.

Is this a potential FODMAPs thing? Or just an alcohol intolerance thing or some bad enzyme? Or just adulthood? Does this get better with better dieting?

I haven't quite been doing this Paleo diet long enough to narrow in exactly on these problem areas.

If I know that I can't drink a lot of alcohol, would it be unwise to drink kefir (even if it doesn't make me feel bad in low dosage?)

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