Does the "optimum" Paleo diet/lifestyle change with age?

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created November 08, 2011 at 1:43 PM

Based on my own experience, I think it does.

I'm getting perilously close to my 2nd-annual-49th-birthday, and I have a hunch that I am physiologically a different person than I was was 25 years ago, and that it would be foolish to expect that every single Paleo "rule" that applies to a 20-something would also apply to me.

Can the key differences for "optimum" diet/lifestyle between young and old be enumerated?

Also, out of curiosity, in the studies of hunter-gatherer societies (Kitavans, etc.), is there any mention about diet and/or activity patterns changing with age? If so, how?


on November 08, 2011
at 04:11 PM

In Inuit society you get first pick of the seal eyeballs!


on November 08, 2011
at 02:13 PM

Great question! My tweak would be I'll bet this "optimum" differs for those who aged while on paleo vs those of us who came to it pretty darn damaged from decades of the standard Western diet (or worse).

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on November 08, 2011
at 01:58 PM

*Yes it does and in a big way. *. I asked this question a long time ago and it just lingered but i think its a foundational cornerstone . Plus one



on November 08, 2011
at 04:11 PM

Well, at 64 I'm under a lot less stress than I was in youth and middle age. My diet hadn't changed a bit until I went primal last April.

With a bunch of weight lost, I find I'm returning to a higher energy/activity level, so I'm not sure what differences age should be making in my diet. I still move freely and I still chew with gusto and--finally--my GI tract is happy, so what's different in how I should eat?


on November 08, 2011
at 04:09 PM

Our composition as animals shifts over time, so this makes sense to me. My opinion (and it's only that, I have no citable sources) is that yes, it must be different according to age just as there are significant physiological differences between men and women, suggesting the need for different strategies to achieve similar goals and the same indicators of health. Not to mention the inheritable factors that make for all those (sometimes significant) differences in our sensitivities, triggers and tolerances.


on November 08, 2011
at 04:08 PM

I just had my first 49th birthday (and fourth month Paleo) and I can tell you that I feel better than I did 25 years ago. Except for drinking a lot less, I can do anything my 25-year-old Paleo self could do.

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