What draws you to a paleo resource?

Answered on June 16, 2010
Created June 15, 2010 at 10:28 PM

What do you look for in a paleo friendly blog

what draws you to read or subscribe to one or another?

Do you want recipes, studies, tips, advice, fitness?

I want to add to my blog things that people want to read... I made my log to share my weightloss with friends and family and now I've got too many topics to discuss and want to narrow down my focus and instead send people elsewhere for other topics

I'd also like some constructive brutally honest criticism too since I'm just starting, I've got room to change and more than willing

keep in mind my primary clientele are friends/family that know nothing of paleo or eating real food, my focus is not "here's paleo" but more, here's "Real Food"


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on June 16, 2010
at 12:23 AM

I have a short attention span. I'm looking for (1) good writing, (2) humor, and (3) a fresh "take." It's a crowded field, especially the "foodie" sites. In order for your appeal to go beyond family and friends, you have to stand out in some way. When you write, pretend that you're calling in to Jim Rome's radio show ( http://www.jimrome.com/ ), and that you will be cut off if you don't have something compelling to say. My favorite blogs are Mark Sisson's MDA and Richard Nikoley's FTA. Best of luck!



on June 15, 2010
at 11:03 PM

I love the science/pseudo-science focused ones. Robb wolf, Kurt Harris (where's Waldo, man), etc. The more recipe-related ones are OK but I don't reaLly follow them so much as occasionally follow a link to one. Almost never cook from them. One exception is marks daily apple which is a splendid balance I feel. And I have cooked from them. Overall, science-based ones win hands down for me.

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