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Answered on March 16, 2014
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My name is Jessica. I am 35 years old, married, and a middle school English teacher. I found this community while researching Paleo. Right now, I am primarily interested in weight loss, but I can see myself following a moderate version of Paleo for life. My husband and I started The Ideal Protein diet last July, and we both lost around 60 pounds by November, when it became financially impossible to continue. We have been able to maintain our weight loss since then by eating low-carb, but we've both stopped losing. I want to lose another 50 pounds or so, and he wants to lose another 25. He is disabled, but rides an exercise bike daily. I take a weight training class three times per week and have recently started jogging three days per week. I really miss fruit and I would like to be able to add nuts and seeds to our diet (I'm thinking just one serving per day, since we are trying to lose.) Could anyone make suggestions about quick Paleo breakfasts and lunches that don't require much cooking but are still satisfying? I like cooking in the evening, but in don't have time in the mornings. Currently we drink a low-carb, high-protein shake for breakfast and eat a low-carb, high-protein meal bar for lunch. It would be great if I could use ingredients that are easy to find in the local grocery store or produce stand, especially since we are just starting out. Thanks for reading, and thanks for your help!

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on March 16, 2014
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One thing I love about paleo - I always feel satisfied on it. That means I haven't eaten a meal bar in months. I also eat a variety of foods. You say you like to cook in the evenings - you could make a bunch of meals on Sunday and refrigerate/freeze them.

One thing I would do is cook many meats, put them in the freezer, then a day before you're ready to eat let it thaw in the fridge, then the next morning throw together a lunch salad consisting of chicken, avocado, hard-boiled egg, and olive oil and lemon juice.

Bone broth is another way to go. Sardines are awesome with a little mustard. You could find pre-cooked, preservative free meats in your local health foods freezer department. Just pop them in the microwave.

Even though you're trying to lose weight, a few carbs (<50g) shouldn't hurt you. Sweet potatoes cook quickly in the microwave and are great with some clarified butter.

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