Could bacon give acne? Symptoms

Answered on December 09, 2014
Created November 20, 2014 at 9:41 PM

I've been phasing out many things in my diet. I'm basically down to fish, meats (chicken), vegetables and fruits. I eat a good bit of vegetables and fruits everyday as well as fish about 3-4 times a week and meats/chicken. 

I have not yet fully eliminated grains, but have scaled back. 

I noticed today (after not eating bacon for a week or so) that when I had bacon, my face had tingles in it. And that was around 9:45AM this morning, it's now 4:40PM and I've noticed 2 bumps on either side of my cheeks. 

Any possibility of bacon being the culprit? I've noticed that tingling feeling before when I eat bacon. Not sure what causes it.

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on November 21, 2014
at 03:02 PM

Not likely. Zits within hours aren't from food triggers, it's from coincidence. 


on December 09, 2014
at 11:04 PM

Zits take longer than a few hours to appear, OP. Just like you, I removed food group after food group from my diet and still suffered from acne. It turns out I had serious issues with my gut flora that were cured by supplementing with soil-based probiotics and a round of Autoimmune Paleo. Now my zits are gone (along with lots of other health issues).


on November 24, 2014
at 10:20 PM

I'm guessing it's the nitrates in the bacon you're eating that are causing the tingling. Try eating high quality uncured bacon. Applegate Farms makes one. Try eating it as an experiment.

As far as the acne goes, cut out all the grains. I had horrible papular pustular rosacea, which I cleared through a Paleo diet and supplements. 



on November 22, 2014
at 01:28 PM

What's the source of the bacon?  Is it from pastured pigs, made the proper way by long curing and/or smoking? Or is it supermarket bacon from CAFO pigs that were fed all sorts of nasty stuff, then cure injected for a short duration?  There's a huge difference there in quality.

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on November 21, 2014
at 05:22 PM

I've noticed somethign similar - primarliy when I eat it in large quantities and consume all the excess grease by cooking with it. My best guess is that it has to do with lots of omega 6 and other nasty junk since the bacon I get is usually cheap and probably from trash-munching pigs... If you have the funds, try pastured, possibly uncured bacon. Tastes way better and may not cause the reaction.



on November 21, 2014
at 02:27 AM

yes, for me cured meats do it. Good bacon is still much more benign than salami, but if you are sensitive you are sensitive.

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