Severe adrenal fatigue PLEASE HELP

Asked on August 14, 2015
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I've been body building since the age of 18. With the use of anabolic steroids. I was alway healthy getting routine blood work done to make sure everything was ok. Wasn't up until I lowered my estrogen too much causing a thyroid issue I became sick. I had bad anxiety(never had anxiety before) abnormal bowel movements(never a issue before) severe brain fog(never a issue before) Well I was misdiagnosed several times with everything you can think of, I've done so many antibiotics within the past 5-6 months docs just threw them at me like candy along with antidepressants. I decided to come off all the bodybuilding drugs. About 1 month after coming off of everything I became very ill, abnormal bowel movements(yellow-undigested), constant nausea-vomiting, extremely shaky and weak, lost 50 pounds in a month. Low blood pressure that drops even lower when standing, very high heart rate while standing 160-170bpm


I ended up in the ER for 4 day after collapsing in my kitchen. I was begging the doctors to check my morning cortisol because I knew my adrenals were shot. Finally the endo ordered a 8am cortisol and sure enough it came back at 3.6 ref range is 4.0-25.

The doctor was shocked and said I most likely have Addison's disease with such a low morning cortisol level. He then ordered a ACTH stimulation test. 30 min post ACTH cortisol rose to 19.2, 60 min post ACTH cortisol rose to 26. He was again completely mind boggled. He said you must be secondary, so he check serum ACTH which came back at 22 so secondary was out of the picture. 

He didn't know what was going on so he sent me home on 20mg of hydrocortisone and told me to get a second opinion. So I did and my new doctor said since I responded to the stim test I do not have addisons nor do I have secondary adrenal insufficiency because ACTH is normal. He said I have severe adrenal burnout(worst he's ever seen) he also said it wasn't the anabolic steroids that caused my adrenal burnout, it was most likely due to being miss diagnosed so many times and being on so many antibiotics. 

New doctor has me on 30mg HC thought the day, after a 24 hour urine it showed I was dumping a ton of sodium and potassium. So he just put me on fludrocortisone. Despite being on 30mg HC and fludro I'm still dealing with constant nausea, abnormal bowels(yellow-undigested) shaky and weak, heart palps, finger nails and toe nails have turned a blue-purple color.I'm currently taking 6,000mg liposomal vit c, 1,500mg b5 throughout the day, hcl with pepsin before every meal, digestive enzymes, 150 billion strength probiotic, multivitamin, milk thistle, fish oil. 

I'm on a strict gluten free diet, I juice every morning my diet it's pretty much a paleo diet. I only eat organic now. 


My question is, do any of you think it is possible for me to recover ? Since pituitary is fine and response to the ACTH stim test was good that should give me some hope? I have severe anxiety and depression which was never ever a problem in the past. My new doctor put me on testosterone replacement last week because my testosterone levels were 152 normal range is 400-1,200. So this should help with anxiety and depression a little. Any advice would be great. Thank you. 

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