I'm looking for a Program / Website where to log my daily activities

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created February 06, 2012 at 2:17 AM

I'm currently trying to identify which factors contribute to my rhinitis and a series of other conditions. I'm looking for a program or website that allows me to log and easily watch later which foods I ate at which time, to write down the current weather, in which place I was, etc. I don't need something particularly complex.

The tool would allow me to see my past results in some graphical way, ideally (otherwise just creating an excel file would me sufficient).

I know there are sites geared toward food logging, but I'd like something a bit more general, if possible.



on February 06, 2012
at 06:16 PM

it's for a computer.



on February 06, 2012
at 05:24 AM

is it for a smartphone or computer? If for a smartphone which one do you have?


on February 06, 2012
at 04:10 AM

I use task:life. Export data to excel. Android only I think.

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3 Answers



on February 06, 2012
at 03:53 AM

I use www.fatsecret.com they have an app for your phone too... completely free!


on February 06, 2012
at 02:24 PM

I use a combo of sparkpeople for food & exercise logging, google calendar for medical stuff, and SleepBot for sleep . Ill be checking out the task app Melissa linked, tho- my way is rather tedious.


on February 06, 2012
at 04:43 AM

I use springpadit for logging everything. I really like their mobile phone widgets and setup.

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