Sweet Potatoes good for skin conditions?

Commented on June 03, 2013
Created June 03, 2013 at 4:52 PM

Has anyone else experienced sweet potatoes being great for skin conditions? Is the only explanation the high vitamin A?

I've had spots come & go on my right cheek for years, nothing massively nasty but consistent none the less, with the combination of fasting, exercise & eating healthy they've considerably healed but I still sometimes have latent redness around follicles & what looks like an acne scar (indent) from the worst/most often offender.

Anyway, recently i've been low carb during the week and on weekends i'll indulge in carbs, the biggest helping is usually with a Sunday roast where i'll have a big serving of sweet potatoes, and I've noticed every Monday my skin is at its best, no redness, calm, smooth...

I can't attribute this to vitamin A alone as i've been eating lambs liver a lot recently & not noticed much apart from more energy, maybe my body works particularly well converting the beta-carotene in the pots? Or maybe there's something else in the pot's that i've been missing out on as i've only just started eating tubers regularly the last few weeks.

Just wondering ifit is the sweet potatoes & why?



on June 03, 2013
at 04:55 PM

One thought is im taking time to process other things in my diet (like liver) but it certainly seems it is the sweet pots as its like clockwork the next day, I may try experiment & eat them daily to see ifit helps my Keratosis Pilaris

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