Natural food/supplement like spironolactone?

Answered on June 16, 2013
Created October 22, 2012 at 2:10 AM

My skin and hirsutism clears up considerably when taking spironolactone. However, I hate the way it makes me feel and the fact that it's not "natural."

Anyone tried or know of any food or supplements that might counter the androgens like spironolactone does?

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2 Answers


on June 16, 2013
at 03:28 PM

I can say that drinking a TON more water than i thought I would need to helps me a lot. I just increased to 200mg on Spironolactone 6 weeks ago, and began Paleo.


on May 18, 2013
at 01:01 PM

Spironolactone helped me in those areas too, but it made me weak and tired and prevented me from sleeping properly. I recently went off of it and am trying to find a more natural cure through hormone balancing. I would recommend reading Dr. Sara Gottfried's book, The Hormone Cure, as well as Stefani Ruper's PCOS Unlocked (even if you don't have PCOS, there are some helpful things there).

From what I have read, eating nutrient-dense paleo foods, getting good quality sleep, reducing stress, and if needed using natural supplementation can help balance out your hormones and correct hyper-androgenism. The only thing is that it takes time, which is sometimes hard to hear if you are used to the quick effects of drugs like Spiro. Spearmint tea supposedly has natural anti-androgen effects. I have also read that milk thistle and saw palmetto supplements may be helpful.

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