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I want to give you a big Pindar about what we???re talking about so you don't get lost in all these text lights that talk about individual pica okay big pictures onto 91 and we will get there okay I just like to throw out the whole big picture to you and then in awhile K this is great and sense there's no discussion question on this next exam Magnum be asking you to explain it right pertains to do before James the great film but I will get at bits and pieces at Maxman Power this time of the first questions myself for not I will ask you about balance okay the am lying at the protein that solos goes through all these attaches all the thick filaments together it is located in the eighties song the H known as this wider area a relaxed muscle with there's no thin film okay that make sense now ultra structure the thick film weave really kind of talked about this composer the protein Myers on tale that contain two interwoven heavy polypeptide chains I my isn't a head are Maxman Power contained two smaller like Polly have to change that actors cross bridges during contraction binding sites for acting up then filaments I'm says pp ATP syntheses those things are all located on The Fifth Element the thin filament which is made up a Acton who double-strand the fibrous protein f-acting consists um a globular antics-unit member each one of those little pearls blue pearl them make not have seen that they were pearls that that was a pretty small picture but as we go for the pictures are going to get bigger and bigger G act in their site active sites that the mySimon heads can buy into during contraction and I'm going to meow had a couple more proteins to this story.


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