Missed period and crazy acne breakout, help!

Answered on March 15, 2014
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I've done some reading on this problem I'm having but I haven't found an answer that meets exactly what i'm going though, so I'm hoping someone out there is or has gone through the same thing I'm experiencing! So I've been paleo for 64 days (my own paleo lifestyle..I eat sweet potatoes and drink coffee, which some people say isn't paleo..) anywho, I eat grass fed meats, LOTS of veggies and 1-2 servings of fresh organic fruits, i eat a little dark chocolate everyday(80% dark organic) grass-fed butter, organic coffee, i use coconut oil in everything..I try to limit my nut intake because I've noticed I break out when I eat nuts. Over all I have never felt better in my life and am noticing all of my health problems (stomach issues, headaches everyday, tired/foggy all the time, etc) completely gone! I have however been experiencing horrible breakouts on my chin and forehead. I've always had an acne problem and terrible oily/dry combination skin. My oily skin is gone and also my face is not dry at all! But I have had bad cystic and small acne breakouts on my chin since changing my diet. I'm wondering if it's my body detoxifying and or my hormones trying to balance out.. I've also missed my period. I had it within the first month that I started paleo (in January) and then I missed my February cycle..it's half way through March and I still haven't gotten it. I also stopped using any and all products with chemicals in them. I use raw organic honey in the morning, followed by ACV or a banana peel (very moisturizing) and organic wear makeup, then i use Dr. Bronners Castile soap at night followed by a honey mask and ACV. I am really hoping it's just my bodies way of detoxing but I'm starting to freak out and wonder if I'm using or doing something that's hurting my face! Thanks in advance for anyone who shares their information with me! :)

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on March 15, 2014
at 05:00 PM

This may not be much of a help but I'm willing to bet there is a hormonal imbalance in which your estrogen is too low and/or androgens too high. Having acne on the chin area is a tale tell sign of high testosterone. Try upping the amount of carbs you eat. Stephani Ruper on paleoforwomen.com has a lot of information about how carbs are great for women's hormones. Fat is great too, but your body might think it is in somewhat of a starvation mode and carbs are the best way to ensure it that it's well fed. I would say eat some more sweet potato (which is definitely paleo) fruit and even white rice if you're not super strict. Good luck!

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