If milk has hormones, why can people eat yogurt?

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created June 12, 2013 at 9:12 PM

Why doesn't it effect everyone? And how was I able to consume it as a kid and then as soon as I hit puberty milk is the Black Plague?

I just don't understand how if the hormones in milk supposedly cause acne, then why do fermented products not cause the same effects? I am just confused about the whole hormone and body connection in general. I mean how do our bodies know what hormones to deactivate and what ones to put into action? I mean body builders that take steroids for instance, their bodies are using those hormones readily.Thus, I don't think out bodies have something such as "hormone screening" in which it's like, oh, we already have a lot of that, let's deactivate it, but obviously the perfects (which is what I call people that are blessed with never having pimples and don't worry about life or diet), when they eat dairy products, their body is not "screening" the hormones and their skin is applying those hormones and having faster cell turnover and producing more oil, but it's not affecting them like it does us. I wonder why this is. Perhaps their digestion and optimal health is so great that their body uses the hormones and then deactivates them rapidly.

Do probiotics break down hormones? I mean hormones are just proteins. Surely maybe they have superior GIs, microflora balance, and, optimal digestion. And surely is optimal digestion helped regulate hormones, which it would make sense that it would, than maybe our bodies are able to "filter" what hormones we use and not balancing them.

So our hormones and digestion are so out of whack that our bodies don't know what to do.

I had been dairy and gluten free for months with little improvement. I just had some dairy and whole wheat, and my skin is glowing, probably eating up whatever is in these foods that I was depriving of myself in other foods.

If we had a massive army of probiotics and ultimate digestion, then everything we ate would be completely digested, no time to ferment and ultimate nutrient absorption, which may be why, people with perfect skin, who it utter shite, still "look" clean. Because eventhhough they don't eat as healthy as us, their body is absorbing absolutely everything it needs, from what it eats, and hey, people that eat healthy and have ultimate digestion our even better off.

So, I do think food intolerance, and allergies exist, but those of us that have it slightly, I think can fix it completely.

The gut flora you are born with, comes from your mother. passed from mother to child during pregnancy, and especially during birth. The state of your mum's gut flora before you are born affects yours, and with c sections and all those drugs today out symbiosis is sure to be off. No wonder acne runs in the family; we have similar diets and microflora to our parents.

I mean I know people with severe celiace that vomit within minutes of consuming gluten, and they still have perfect skin, and their body can't process it at all, and it obviously gets into their bloodstream. Why don't our bodies do that huh? Perhaps we should be able to digest it, but we have so many problems in our guts that our bodies have lost the ability to do so.

Ok, a lot there. Just my thoughts. I hate living in fear of what I am eating, and when eliminating soy, dairy, gluten doesn't work, it makes you feel hopeless.

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on June 13, 2013
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First make sure your eating, the last thing you want to be is afraid of food and develop orthorexia. If your not eating enough and get constipated it will make it worse. Eliminate one food at a time, see how you do with safe starches, if you have celiac then obviously stay away from gluten. but if you aren't becoming extremely sick from it then stop stressing. Living in fear of food is not a way to live. Yogurt is easier to digest b/c of its lower lactose and fermentation, but keep in mind everyone reacts differently

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