Hormones in meat acne connection

Commented on June 09, 2015
Created June 07, 2015 at 11:35 PM

has anyone noticed this? I've been trying to see what caused my sudden acne outbreak. For a while I was eating only grassfed and hormone free meat, but in the past few months I've eaten some conventional meats and my acne has popped out of no where, and i've been trying to pin point it. 


I hear a lot of claims that the hormones are so minimal in the amount we are eating compared to dairy or something that they don't cause acne, but I'm not sure! I want real people's experiences! 

Appearntly pork and chicken are hormone free by defualt? How true is that?

I eat a lot of fish and take an omega 3 supplement, so I'm not sure if the omege balance is out of wack?

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on June 08, 2015
at 05:14 PM

Hormones are illegal in poultry and pork. So pork, chickens, turkey, duck, geese, etc. are all hormone-free by law. Beef, lamb and goats may or may not have hormones depending on the supplier. Grass fed beef, contrary to popular belief, may also have hormones as they are not forbidden by law. Organic meats on the other hand, are not allowed to be administered hormones, per USDA regs.

At the end of the day though, there is essentially no biochemical difference between meat grown with the use of hormones and meat grown without it. Actually the hormones are destroyed by cooking and digestion, so you have nothing to fear there. Buy according to what you can afford and whatever your tastes preferences are :)

Ironically, many seeds/grains/vegetables have more naturally occurring "plant-hormones" (phyto-estrogens) than meats, yet people don't seem to worried about those, even though they are not necessarily broken down by digestion can definitely have an effect on the reproductive system of mammals lol.

I personally like to eat plenty of fish, beef, eggs, pork, lamb and turkey. 

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on June 09, 2015
at 01:28 PM

This makes me feel so much better! It's hard to afford these meats alhough they are better in so many ways! I would rather eat the cheaper meats, and just supplement with omega 3s and make sure I'm eating fish to balance it out! Thanks so much! I'm just trying to get to the bottom of my skin blow up, and I think it has something to do with the more green smoothies and sugar i've been eating. Coconut milk ice creams, paleo pancakes, lots of bananas, nut milks. It's really crazy to think "that fruit" could be bad for your skin...but I'm starting to become a believer! 



on June 08, 2015
at 11:55 AM

Yeah, they're not allowed to give hormones to chicken and pork, however, they can and do give them loads of antibiotics, and also their fat composition is inflammatory. 


Chickens are also dipped an a chlorine or ammonia solution, and if you're not cooking the chicken yourself, you can be sure that the restaurant isn't going to bother washing the meat before cooking it.  These aren't animals you'd really want to eat.

Pastured pork is awesome.  CAFO pork, not so much. 

CAFO pork also get https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ractopamine which is used to create an abormally lean pig with loads of meat.  This compound damages their organs and worse, in the USA it's given right up until slaughter, which means the meat contains some of this stuff, which when we eat then affects us.

Both are also fed lots of questionable stuff beyond just moldy GMO corn and soy.

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on June 08, 2015
at 12:04 PM

oh my gosh, I don't really have acess to organic meat or can't afford it as much


Do you think local meat markets meat is trustworthy?

Are there any brands that I can buy, Nature's promise I seem to trust. 

I'm trying to get to the bottom of my breakout.

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