hack my negative response to incorporating curry into my diet.

Asked on September 09, 2012
Created September 09, 2012 at 9:08 AM

  Can anyone tell me specifically why the curry I've started making would cause digestive troubles (gas, loose stools), and acne?
  So, to begin with, the curry has been replacing meals of either burgers wrapped in chard, with various topping, steaks and veg, or roasts, potatoes and veg. All of the meat is grass fed, and it is all cooked using ghee ( lots). Recently I have been incorporating some curries in for dinner, along with the other meals. I have since experienced light GI distress and have seena major uptick in acne. The curry meals I make are generally larger than the other so one thought is that the increased caloric load is causing stress on my body. 
   The ingredients of these meals are as follows; organic coconut milk (bpa-free, but it does contain guar gum), Thai kitchen curry paste( just spices, herbs and peppers, no nasty oils),  carrotts, daikon radish, grass-fed steak, Anaheim peppers, bell pepper, thai chiles, turmeric, ginger, onions, broccoli, and sometimes pumpkin. 
   I put the following spices; coriander, garlic powder, cayenne, sea salt, and pepper. I also eat about a quarter cup of white basmati rice with these meals.
   My thoughts so far are that it could be increased calories, increased carbs, guar gum, increased nightshades, or something yet unknown to me. I am sure that it is the curry causing the problems, as I have changed nothing else in my lifestyle/diet. What do you hackers think? I would love to keep the curry in rotation, but something in it is obviously hurting my health. Help! 

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