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Hi, I know I have a leaky gut and candida. I've been treating the candida for over 6 mo now. I react to a lot of foods by acne/breaking out. I have been drinking water kefir without any problem. I had a problem with most veggies, but Betaine HCL helps me digest them and keeps my skin clear. However, I fermented my own veggies - the same ones i eat non-fermented and have no problem with - and I broke out quite a bit. Kombucha also makes me break out, but also gives me a raging headache. I suppose it could be a histamine reaction - but other foods high in histamine don't bother me. And it looks like there is histamine in water kefir. anyone have any ideas on why i'd react to these fermented foods but not others? I tried two different batches of different veggies and reacted to both the same way. the 2nd one I know there was nothing that i would normally react to - it was just cucumber, celery and kale.

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All fermented foods contain different bacteria/yeasts. You may have a sensitivity to one or two or a thousand different species. Just keep eating the fermented foods and don't sweat the small stuff. www.thelovevitamin.com

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