cooking effect on nightshade toxicity?

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created October 03, 2010 at 11:47 PM

Hey all!

So, (finally! wahoo!) I've learned that my hidden food allergy is nightshades. However, it really didn't flare up until I ate a lot of raw tomatoes and peppers this summer. The skin on my face, over time, became increasingly rough, irritated, and peppered with breakouts. And on the exact day I stopped eating nightshades, the pain subsided and my skin began to heal in a way that it hasn't in my entire life.

BUT I also ate cooked nightshades my whole life with out presenting as much irritation as I experienced this summer. Have you experienced something similar? Or do you know if the toxic properties of nightshades change when cooked? I know that what I have to do now is just experiment as I go forward, but I'd love to have your insights, too. I'm totally okay with ditching nightshades forever, but knowing the limits of my tolerance is important, too. Thanks!



on October 05, 2010
at 03:53 PM

there was a good question about pressure cookers... and cooking to reduce antinutrients.

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on October 04, 2010
at 12:59 AM

Some sites are saying that cooking can reduce solanine by about 40 to 50%. Other sites are saying you may not necesarily have problems with all night shades or not to the same degree with each kind of nightshade. I guess it depends on how much you really like them. What I would do is abstain completely for a while to get a baseline, and then try modest amounts of only my favorite one and see how I reacted. I would then abstain for a while again and then try my second favorite ones. I would stay away as much as possible from any nightshades that I did not really like. But seeing how ubiquitous nightshades are in society, having some idea of your tolerances might be a good idea even though you probably do not want to be pushing those tolerances often. My concern is, since little is known about nightshade toxicity, even if you experience no symptoms, would low levels of consumption still be causing you damage? IMO, that answer is still unknown so consumption of nightshades will come with certain unknown levels of risk.

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