Acne and Food Intolerance after 3 months aip paleo. PLEASE HELP!!

Answered on April 03, 2017
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I've been strict AIP paleo for 3 months now. I went paleo in hopes to clear my acne and get healthy overall as I've been not able to tolerate so many foods I never had problems with in the past. After being strict AIP paleo for a month and seeing no results, I read that I should try very low carb. So I cut out the low GI fruits I was having and tubers. So I was eating..

-broccoli, zucchinni or cauliflower soup for BF with 1/2 avocado,

-big salad of greens(spinach, mixed greens, salmon or ground beef or chicken with other 1/2 of avocado mashed and mixed with a little EVVO and water to make a dressing) for lunch

- and roasted veggies (broccoli, cauliflower, zucchini roasted in coconut oil) with kraut and meat for dinner.

As well as taking a multivitamin and a probiotic and drinking kombucha a few times a week. This did not help with my inflammation or acne at all and actually caused me to develop severe insomnia getting 2-3 hours of sleep the last 2.5 months (annd Ive never had sleep problems before) and constipation. Also because my symptoms did not go away on strict AIP I don't know what is still causing the inflammation.

So I did some research and realized I have leaky gut and that I am insulin resistant. The number one suggestion was to make bone broth and have that. So I began to have bone broth along with same diet. After having a cup of broth I felt shaky, hot and nauseous. So I tried to make it with chicken bones, then beef bones and follow different recipes to the T but all had the same affect on me, leaving me with fever like symptoms. So I stopped having the broth which makes me sad because it's the number one suggested remedy for leaky gut. At the end of month 2 I couldn't deal with the constipation so I reintroduced sweet potato into my diet, 1 a day with dinner. Which really helped with constipation but not insomnia. All my symptoms are still present (inflammation, acne). I've been keeping a food diary and can't pinpoint anything becuase I cut out everything that makes me feel nauseous but something is still causing inflammation. I've been taking magnesium to help insomnia but it doesn't help.

I don't know what to do. 3 months in and I have headaches and feel tired all day because of the insomnia. No cheating on AIP for 3 months (not 1 cheat at all) and I'm still inflamed. Need to lose 20 pounds and I do HITT 4x/week for 30 minutes and walking on the other days with no weight loss. I am at a loss and very discouraged now and don't know what to do. How can I heal leaky gut if my body rejects the broth. Also I'm considering adding banana back in because prior to starting low carb,low GI AIP I had a banana a day in a green smoothie, a sweet potato a day and a few berries and no insomnia. But I'm conflicted because I know the banana is high sugar for insulin resistant and people dealing with inflammation. 

Please if any one can help me and give me some advice on what could be the problem, I would greatly appreciate it. 

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You may need to go low FODMAP. Broccoli, cauliflower, avocado, onions are all high FODMAP foods. You may be eating otherwise perfectly healthy but if you do have fodmap even small portions of high foodmap foods will cause inflammation.

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