Pros/Cons of Acidic Fruits

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created March 30, 2012 at 7:05 AM

Hi hackers,

actually we distinguish a lot of things, omega 6:3 ratio, fatty acid composition, lectin content etc., but when it comes to fruit, information seems quite sparse. (lets leave fructose content aside, I don't think fructose in fruits is harmful anyway ;-) )

But what about fruit acids? Are they beneficial, or rather infavourable? Do they aid digestion, or hinder it? Do they steal minerals from the body, as it is often claimed?

I don't think it would have done any good to our ancestors teeth, if they had eaten citrus fruits or currants every day.

Any ideas? Thanks :)

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2 Answers



on March 30, 2012
at 02:34 PM

Best pro to acidic fruit: you can use juiced citrus fruit to make ceviche.


on March 30, 2012
at 03:16 PM

I think the real danger to teeth from fruit comes from its sugars, not the acid. Sugars feed the organisms which go on producing acids as their waste products, which bathe the teeth long after the acid in the food has been cleared from the mouth. I don't think our paleo ancestors had anywhere close to the level of access to fruit that we have today, so I'd be surprised if it really represented much of a factor.

As for digestion, a properly functioning digestive system maintains very tight control over pH, and most gastric acid, which is much more corrosive than, say, citric acid, is neutralized by secreted bicarbonate in both the stomach and duodenum. It's rather a sophisticated little chemical factory down there!

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