How long does phytic acid remain in the digestive system?

Answered on July 17, 2015
Created July 04, 2011 at 1:58 AM

Assuming I ate a high phytic acid meal and 3-4 hours later, I ate a low phytic acid meal, would the phytic acid remaining from the first meal affect the nutrients in the 2nd meal? Or would the phytic acid already be 'flushed' from my body prior to then? Thanks.



on July 04, 2011
at 12:24 PM

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on July 17, 2015
at 04:05 PM

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on July 05, 2011
at 03:41 AM

Please define what a "high" phytic acid meal is vs. a low meal. IOW, what is the source? Because if it's from grains, the real problems could be from a lot of other things, but if it's phytic acid in things like alfalfa sprouts, which have entirely different nutrient content, it's something else. So-called "anti-nutrients" don't always have an anti-nutrient effect, and can also have beneficial effects. This is something I read today for unrelated reasons, but I've ready plenty of articles like this. Phytonutrients are mentioned at the end.


From everything I've read, the long and the short of it comes down to what else is eaten along with it, and what sorts of issues your body and circumstances might be experiencing at this point in your life and activity level.


on March 07, 2013
at 09:21 AM

I have the same question, but it seems that noone knows the answer



on August 19, 2011
at 06:46 AM

Based on the mechanics of digestion, I wouldn't think that the phytates from the other meal would affect other feedings. The food travels through the GI tract in-line; that is, one at a time. There might be a small amount of interaction but my guess is that it's insignificant. The consequence of consuming phytates is probably mostly relevant to that particular feeding.


on August 09, 2011
at 02:16 AM

Well since food can stay up to 3-4 days in the body I would guess that if you ate something high in phytates that's the time they would remain active/present in your gut...Just a guess.

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