Random body pains?

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created January 07, 2013 at 5:53 PM

I decided to go sugar and grain-free back in October 2012. I was strict for a month and felt awesome. (Stomach issues disappeared, arthritis pain disappeared, lost weight, etc. all the normal good wheat-free improvements) During the holidays I fell off the wagon a bit but am back to avoiding the same foods as before. However now I'm having some strange issues. A few days after starting back on this diet I started getting aches all over my body. They last less than a minute and then disappear only to then ache in some other part of my body. It's not particularly in my joints. For instance, I will have an ache in my left shin, followed up by an ache in my left tricep. The doctor doesn't seem to have any idea what's going on. Bloodwork is being done currently. I am just wondering if this could be somehow related to my new diet.

I am having difficulty finding resources regarding this because typing wheat-free and pain into google seems to get you a lot of pages with people talking about being pain-free after going wheat-free.

Interestingly, I have arthritis in my left knee and in my right pinky finger. The arthritis hasn't hurt one bit since going back to this grain and sugar-free diet.

Welcoming any thoughts or speculations at this point...

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4 Answers


on September 07, 2013
at 12:44 AM

Have your vitamin D levels tested and ask what the number is- don't just believe the doc if they say it is "normal." I wonder if you are eating more nightshades? Both of these could cause pain and aching in your joints or bones.


on February 19, 2013
at 02:57 AM

For me, body aches are correlated with grains and sugars. I quit them both completely for a month and was amazed at how much better I felt, it was like flipping a switch.

The other thing that really helped was vitamin d supplements, for me only in the winter. I started by taking 400IU per day in January and again it was like flipping a switch, I immediately felt better. This winter I was feeling the aches and pains a bit more and stated taking 5000IU every 2-3 days and I feel a lot better. My mood is much better too, more positive with fewer swings.

That was about 2 years ago, and now I have incorporated both into my diet and routine. I can be somewhat more lenient on the sugars now and have sugar every now and then as a treat. If I eat grains more than once a month or so I really pay for it in terms of digestion and muscle soreness.

So in my opinion, grains, sugars, and vitamin D all play a huge part in muscle soreness, mental state, mood, and overall happiness.


on January 07, 2013
at 09:47 PM

I get deep muscle pains/aches from not getting enough protein, AND from not getting enough carbohydrate if I have been exerting myself. Have my whole life.


on January 07, 2013
at 07:59 PM

I take 10000iu of vitamin D every day. Going to have my levels checked soon but my guess is that it's good right now. There is a bad strain of the flu going around and I've not gotten it despite my boyfriend having it.

The nightshades thing is news to me. Thanks for the insight. I will do some more research in that arena.

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