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Asked on April 04, 2014
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Terry you start to sweat check the view I are you ready so anyway I have to say that Newark and surgery thank you my ultimate goal wires to lose weight love getting close butte X is back to look good naked lollapalooza be this high with no bra one want my stomach to be this tight without girdles I don't know any secret polls are hidden secrets the pop out later nap in a minute is there anything even very generous to share your story and right over here a side you know fortunately it's all good news for ESL congratulations cool not about thank you so much here is Absolute Garcinia you think you okay Marcia has gone in for surgery I couldn???t be happier about tonight Chandra scanning country her recovery suit on you haven't seen you around six months now today I got in chambers cool as last time she's going to freak out I ammos excited and card entry don't have a month gonnareact in female like this as far as I remember this is not aside bar been in my team I don't live in I'm not in a calm skinny by going to crackle up the reaction I now okra a scale I slight hi Hill has entailed on this thing to hire you know not been able tied to her when I want to talk to her privacy he adds to do. play then again I know why she???s gone you know where she's solo it was exciting to see our today.


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