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BGP to figure out how to have the switch sortaautomagically evaluate a where everything is before a couple of fundamental arrangements are performed however we won't lose track of the main issue at hand 642-813 here and soul examine the static course so what we'll do is on a we would go and put a setup that says to get to the server garden you're going to go to your next fall so we generally think about only the following step so we're simply attempting to advise a where to go and truly a has two decisions it can sit well three an assent movement over its connection to be by means of bumblebees IP locations see or an agree and over to rather see PSE's AP forceful s or it can send the information mainly into the client arrive so for this situation our briefest way here is going to lead us to rather be through IP see here so we're going to advise a when you have to get to the server grass you go to send the parcels to IP location see and it knows where C is along these lines in light of the fact that we've built this relationship here its fit to comprehend this part also so we've made chain or a pathway or a course in the event that you will to know the server yard now nothing to hold up under as a top priority is that amazement introduce these courses both static and element.


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