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Sense the switch is the core of your home system he first local where to put it in the event that you are link or DSL modem in your home hurler Wilcox right beside it since they must be joined with Ethernet link in the event that you have the choice of moving yourmodem you need to put it close to the focal point of your home this will provide for you the best remote indicator scope expanding associated they have all your workstations to the system and providing for you speedier document exchange speeds between your machines on the again of the switch you'll discover power association for area ports for uniting machines close to the switch with Ethernet links one when or Internet port which 350-080 is the place the switch will interface with the modem and a reset switch that will talk aboutit segment 3 the switch accompanies the Ethernet link will need to unite the modem to the switch on the once more at the link or DSL modem you will discover an Ethernet port marked Ethernet or grass associate one end at the Ethernet link tithe wear on the modem on the over of the switch join the flip side to the ethernetcable to the garden or Internet port to get the modem and switch to see one another crackly we have to reset the modem before we do this investigate the modem and note which lights streak and which day I'm continually to reset the modem unplug the force link from the over of the modem for something like 15 seconds and attachment it back in the lights on the front to the modem will turn on blaze some and afterward begin.


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