How can I hack my sleep?
Thanks, Dave! This was brand new to me and I've been reading up on it. I found a page about blue light in the context of bipolar disorder: It recommends a cheaper alternative to lowbluelight glasses as effective blue light blockers. They suggest the SCT Orange shade of these $10 safety glasses: We're going to give it a trial run with the cheap-o glasses. I do feel like I'm slipping down the slope of becoming a caricature of the paleo lifestyle, though :)

Making jerky - types of meat and methods
Sounds like we're doing almost the exact same thing. I've been buying "London broil" at Whole Foods and making it in my Nesco dehydrator! I believe that top round roast is the most common cut sold as London broil so that's probably what I'm getting as well. I vary the marinade each time and don't follow a recipe.I tried drying some eggplant slices in the Nesco without following any recipe... not so good.

How can I hack my sleep?
Well, the glasses arrived about a week ago. They work surprisingly well. I've been going to bed and waking a couple hours earlier than usual. They drowsiness comes on even if I'm programming at night which usually keeps me awake. The glasses fit fairly well over my rather small corrective glasses. They look mighty dorky, though. Maybe candlelight isn't such a bad idea. :) I also noticed that these safety glasses are the exact same as those in the picture on the front page of The glasses they are selling are all at least $55 more, though.

Stupid Question: So we're losing fat, but where does it go?
The stuff in our poop is what never crossed the gut in the first place. At least according to my very primitive understanding of things.

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