What essential vitamins and nutrients am I missing out on while following a VLC Primal-Lifestyle?

You may want to investigate whether you are getting enough b complex vitamins. My understanding is that these are lacking in muscle meat and some of them are destroyed by cooking.

I did a little more reading and it seems this isn't as much of a concern as I thought. Apologies for adding noise :)

Least Expensive Source for Grass fed Beef in SoCal? Online Okay

We have ordered from Slanker's a couple times and have been very happy. They have a vast selection of grassfed/pastured meat: Ted Slanker is a interesting guy to talk to if you order by phone plus "Slanker" is just a fun word to say.

Fish Oil = Stomach Pain?

Costco sells fish oil in enteric coated capsules. This means they break down until they get to your small intestine ( They have a kind of gross vanilla flavor to them, though.

What techniques do you use to try to 'convert' someone to paleo?

I think just being an example is the best way to convince people. My wife and I have been paleo for about a year now and just recently my good friend started on it. We had talked about it enthusiastically when we first started but it took him observing our success for him to get interested.

Several people have suggested GCBC and others commented on the density of the book. I think a great middle ground is this Taube's lecture:

Making jerky - types of meat and methods

We have a dehydrator and I highly recommend getting one. It's easy to use and easy to clean. I've made beef and venison jerky quite a few times. My favorite is grass-fed london broil. It may be a bit more expensive than some other cuts but it is so easy and tastes great. There is no or little fat or connective tissue to trim and it is simple to slice. I put it in the freezer for about 2 or 3 hours just so it firms up without freezing through. Then you can slice it into evenly thick pieces in just a minute or two. I put the slices and whatever marinade I'm using into zip bags with the air squeezed and let them sit in the fridge. After 24 hours it will make a great jerky but after 48 it will be amazing. With a dehydrator it takes maybe 4 hours to be finished. My wife always gets into it a little early because she likes it when it is still warm and a bit chewy.

What - in your opinion - is the most underrated aspect of the Paleo diet/lifestyle?

One of the most greatest psychological benefits has been the lack of guilt associated with eating. You don't have to count calories or worry that you ate twice as much today as yesterday. Every meal is nourishing. I never try to pretend I'm not hungry to keep pounds off or eat just because it's meal time. The second is the simplicity. It's so easy once the dietary guidelines become second nature. Homemade meals can be as simple or complex as you desire and taste great either way.

Body by Science: Hype, hack, paleo?

There is a difference between McGuff's approach and SuperSlow. It isn't quite as slow :) You still do multiple reps of each lift.

I've been following the Body By Science lifting plan for almost a year now. I've probably skipped about 1/5 of the weeks. I've been sticking to what he calls the Big Five. I also do sprints once or twice a week on an elliptical machine with the resistance all the way up and hit about 650 watts. It may not be the most paleo motion but it seems to work well and wears me the hell out.

I feel that I'm making great progress using BBS. Every week I do more on most of the lifts than the previous. I continue to get more muscular in appearance. I'm about as strong as I was about 6 years ago when I had been hitting the gym 3 days a week and did multiple sets on each machine for about 2 years straight. My wife is seeing similar results using BBS.

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