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Answered on August 19, 2014
Created July 04, 2013 at 8:33 PM

I'm somewhat surprised and confused by my recent spectracell analysis results, however I'm not an expert. My doctor doesn't seem to know what to suggest, so i'm here looking to see if anyone might have some thoughts or can suggest why some of these things would be low and how to correct them. Maybe I should just disregard it, i'm just not sure.

I rated high on everything (ie. top of the scale) including the Immunidex and Spectrox scales spectrocell created, except on the following key things where they suggest I need support. I've put in brackets why i'm surprised.

Oleic acid - Deficient (I take fish oil regularily) Pantothenate - border line deficient (Paleo with high meat intake) Carnitine - border line deficient Zinc - border line deficient (Zinc supplement) Chromiom - border line deficient Vitamin C - border line deficient (I supplement C to my tolerance level daily)

I should note my testosterone levels, free and total are low as well and I am taking support for these.

Any thoughts given I eat and supplement for most of the above and yet they are still low. Could they be causing fatigue and dizzy spells? What else to do other than supplement?

Thanks in advance!!



on July 05, 2013
at 05:08 AM

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3 Answers


on July 04, 2013
at 11:02 PM

First, how many carbs do you eat per day? The reason I ask is because my most recent spectracell results showed that my pantothenate and vitamin C levels dropped considerably (now borderline low) compared to the last two times I did the test. The only thing I changed was a significant reduction in my daily carb consumption (less than 50 g / day). There is also some belief that low carb diets can reduce vitamin c levels (see Also, pantothenate is required to synthesize coenzyme-A (CoA), which is a cofactor involved in lipid metabolism. If a lot of your calories are coming from fat, this could possibly lower your pantothenate levels.

Second, you said your testosterone levels are low. Have you tested your adrenals? Pantothenate and vitamin C are used in the synthesis of adrenal hormones and fatigue and dizzy spells are certainly associated with adrenal issues.



on July 04, 2013
at 10:42 PM

The biggest problem in dealing with nutrient deficiencies is not finding sources of supplementation, but deducing why such supplementation isn't assimilated. I don't know where you live, but I suggest working with a skilled health practitioner (more likely to be an ND than an MD or mainstream nutritionist) who can test and deduce why you can't assimilate particular nutrients. There are lists of paleo-friendly health practitioners available:

Make sure, however, that anyone you check out has the training to do medical investigative work (like an ND or MD, rather than a DC), can order a wide variety of lab tests, and that when you interview them, that they can cite cases where they did good, individualized detective work based on lab tests and that they put stock in the tests you've had. As a lay person, I don't see a pattern in your test results, but I'm far from being the smartest guy in this forum.

There are two things in your test results, though, that stick out for me. One is that oleic acid result. Oleic acid is an omega-9 fatty acid, and fish oil is an omega-3 fatty acid. I'm not clear on how supplementing with omega-3 fatty acids influences the level of an omega-9 fatty acid. The other is zinc. You don't mention what form you take, but zinc gluconate, a very popular form of supplementation, is nearly unabsorbable. Try changing your supplement form to zinc orotate and see if that changes your test results.


on July 05, 2013
at 03:36 AM

Besides the suggestion above - to consult a healthcare practitioner - I would also try to stop supplementing for a month and instead, get these nutrients from food. In your case have a good diet including plenty of shellfish, especially oysters and wild oily fish, olive oil and plenty of local, in season fruit will definitely help.



on July 05, 2013
at 05:08 AM

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