NOW Foods liquid vitamin D-3 destroyed by heat? (from fresh coffee)

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created January 18, 2013 at 10:46 PM

Hey all just a quick question. I've been supplementing with 5,000iu's of liquid vitamin d-3 for the past couple weeks. I've been putting it in my coffee mixed with organic pasture raised (not raw) heavy whipping cream or grass-fed butter + mct oil. But my question is, if i'm pouring fresh, hot coffee in there, will the heat destroy the vitamin D-3 or alter its bio-availability? Should I just take it straight with nothing and make sure to have some fat with it or shortly after?

Also, would NOW Liquid Vitamin D-3 be any more efficient than taking NOW Foods Vitamin D-3 pills? Just because it is much cheaper overall; I can get like 3 months worth of Vitamin D if I purchase their pills rather than a couple weeks to a month from the liquid, for the same price.

Thanks for any input I really appreciate it.


on January 18, 2013
at 11:15 PM

You know, that's exactly what I thought, the part about heat stability and fat soluble vitamins. But I wasn't sure. Thanks for your input; going to just start taking it separately from my coffee and the coffee itself will serve as a source of fat on the side to better absorb the D. Thanks again.



on January 18, 2013
at 11:10 PM

Important to remember that the internal temperature of the human body is actually quite warm. All Vitamins are prone to degradation by heat, but the fat soluble vitamins, Vit A in particular, are relatively heat-stable. But heat-stable does not mean 100% heat-resistant. So yes, you probably did destroy some of the Vit D, but not all of it.


on January 18, 2013
at 11:06 PM

Well that's what I'm going to start doing tomorrow morning... But I was wondering if for the past 18-21 days I've been wasting all that Vitamin D lol



on January 18, 2013
at 11:00 PM

Why not just swallow it by itself and skip the worrying?

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on January 19, 2013
at 08:57 PM


on January 19, 2013
at 04:21 PM

Cholecalciferol is quite robust. They've tried adding it to biscuit dough before baking and the biscuits still raised 25(OH)D and they've added it to icecream and deep frozen it and that still works so I'm sure your coffee won't do it any harm. While I don't think biscuits are paleo this may be a useful strategy to ensure your non paleo elderly relatives stay Vitamin D replete.


on December 17, 2013
at 09:12 PM

Indeed Vitamin D is heat stabel. It is actually converted by heat inducing sun radiation...

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