Problems with yucca/cassava as main starch source

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Asked on December 01, 2013
Created December 01, 2013 at 8:03 PM

I've never bought nor eaten cassava/yucca before, but due to its low cost, and calorie+nutrient density, I'm thinking of making it my main starch source, along with bananas and plantains. I've been trying to get away from white potatoes as they give me joint problems. The main things I've heard about yucca are cyanide, and phytoestrogens. Are the amount of phytoestrogens present enough to make any difference in health or athletic performance, and is the cyanide not an issue if I cook it thouroughly, and are there any other issues with it? I'd probably be having around a pound per day, along with multiple plantains and bananas, is there any issues with this?

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