Shelf stable kids snacks (nut free)

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Asked on January 01, 2014
Created January 01, 2014 at 7:39 PM

I have a bit of a situation. My child goes to a daycare where they serve strictly SAD meals. The daycare staff has been extremely helpful about feeding him the stuff I pack, but they prefer that I pack shelf stable/refrigerated snacks to leave there. I need some shelf stable snack ideas! Oh, and they can't be nut based due to center policy. I have a few ideas, like cheaper jerky, sheets of seaweed, lunch meat, plantain chips, sugar free dried fruit, homemade sunflower butter, homemade lara bar things...any other ideas? I am afraid they will think I'm inconveniencing them too much, so I want to make this as easy as possible!

Oh also, we are student parents, so extra bonus if we can save some cash (yeah right).

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