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Getting into Ketosis. Loose black stool, but painless.

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Asked on April 15, 2014
Created April 15, 2014 at 12:03 AM

I'm not new to Ketogenic dieting or a paleo lifestyle in the least, but I've never had this problem before. Can anyone shed some light? I had a normal, painless bowel movement, but it was extremely black... not thick though. Is this just too much iron? My stomach doesn't hurt or anything, other than the normal occasional stomach pain from the low-carb flu I'm getting to the end of. Any ideas? I dont really eat that much red meat. I eat a lot of pork and some chicken too. Should I just wait and see if it was a one-time thing? Also felt like garbage and had one Powerade Zero to get some quick magnesium and potassium since I'm broke as hell. But what are the odds that that has something to do with it? I eat a lot of kerrygold butter, take fish oil two or three times a day, eat eggs, supplement with salt a couple times a day since im low carb, and eat ground beef and pork once or twice a day. No fruit or many veggies except peppers for Vitamin C. Not freaking out since I feel fine, but if anyone knows whats up I'd appreciate it deeply!

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