Hack my odd flu-ish symptoms

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Asked on March 11, 2012
Created March 11, 2012 at 9:46 AM


I've been getting odd symptoms and according to my doctor its a mild upper respiratory tract infection. but i'm not so sure if it is. I got asthma from wheat a few days before this started, so not sure if its wheat or the weakened immune system from the illness+not eating wheat in ages, that caused this. The doc sturggled to hear me properly when she told me to breath in and out as she listened to my breathing. I don't feel like i have any breathing problems. ( I do have asthma but thats a rare occurance )

A bike ride has just left me increasingly more energy depleted and im struggling to type this question down. I feel light headed and 5 minutes ago i felt like fainting. Im getting headaches on and off, which i hardly get unless im sick.

Before this (few days ago) i was having mild fevers on and off , migrains on and off and have been thirsty as HELL. i have a water bottle with me at all times.

Is it a upper respiratory tract infection? or some other underlying condition? and what foods should I eat during this period? * note that I only eat low fodmap foods *

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