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Where to find good, cheap enzyme powder?

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Asked on May 01, 2013
Created May 01, 2013 at 9:40 PM

I've been using this stuff:

It comes from National Enzyme Company called BioCor Optimum. It has helped my digestion and I think lean mass gains VERY much. I add a bunch of powder to a little water squirt bottle and take a squirt with every few mouthfuls.

Strangely, when I started for the first month, I got really bad acid reflux, hours after meals. I persevered. It's totally reversed. I used to get a little indigestion always, but now, nothing. Seriously good stuff folks.

Anyway, it's expensive to buy this way, at 50g a bottle. I use powder. I want bulk. I use alot because more helps more, in my own experiments.

Does anyone know a more bulk source for products like this? Even pure protease, lipase, amylase. Ideas?

National Enzyme won't sell to the public. These are fungal/microbial derived and that's what I'm looking for because its said they pass the digestive tract best.

Any help?

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