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Answered on August 19, 2014
Created August 30, 2013 at 5:01 AM

I recently just read the Perfect Health Diet and for those of you that are familiar with it I need some advice as soon as possible.

I am about to come off a 8 day water fast which I will probably never do again. And I am planning on breaking the fast with vegetables that are juiced and blended however I am scared that it will cause my blood sugar levels to skyrocket since I have been fasting for nearly a week. In Paul's book he states that those who are on low carb diets tend to usually be more sensitive to glucose. How can I break my fast without spiking my insulin

Also in his book he states that mixing starches with fat and vegetables is a good way to consume a meal so I was wondering if this was a good combination : Germinated Brown Rice with a Potato with butter, salt, vinegar, lemon juice, Broccoli and Chicken drumsticks or Ground beef. Please let me know what you think



on August 30, 2013
at 09:05 AM

"btw, Paul recommends white rice only"...i now see that you already knew that. i'll leave the comment as info for others



on August 30, 2013
at 05:39 AM

btw, Paul recommends white rice only, not brown rice, tho germinated is probably an improvement on non-germinated brown rice,

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on August 30, 2013
at 10:40 AM

Why not break your fast with a meal of meat and green vegetables, then start reintroducing starchy vegetables in subsequent meals.


on August 30, 2013
at 03:38 PM

I would definitely try to mix it up with chicken bland and a side of broccoli. Not just a juice because there is a chance your blood levels can get extremely high

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