Digestive Lab Results - Lysozyme and Chymotrypsin

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Asked on July 06, 2014
Created July 06, 2014 at 10:19 PM

Finally got a test done on my digestive system as I thought I had a parasite for a while. It showed no parasites. However, I have some drastic results in other areas. Intestinal Lysozyme normal levels are less than 6mg. Elevated is above 8mg. Mine were at 15mg, which indicates ongoing chronic inflammation.

Another result indicated small intestine inflammation. And one that may or may not be serious:

Chymotrypsin (Stool) normal levels are >9. Low is 4-9. Abnormally low is <4. Mine came back at 3.

Chymotrypsin is a marker enzyme for pancreatic exocrine output. A low Chymotrypsin value is suggestive of poor pancreatic output of all enzymes. Enzyme supplementation worth consideration

Anyone with experience in this area? Should I be concerned?

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