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Do you think...that maybe Leaky gut is true?

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Asked on January 11, 2013
Created January 11, 2013 at 10:16 PM

This girl is so convincing and I just bought the book, but it says stuff I already know, but I feel like maybe I needed to buy this as motivation not to waste my money. Sighhhhh

Can candida be cured without anti-fungals? Probs not, but I took some and was really constipated!! I mean I dunno when I will know if I have pathogens or candida, or if I even do.

I'm going to do this leaky gut thing, with whole foods bought broth (i'm in college) and lots of natural probiotic cultured foods.

We know from paleo that grains, and beans are irritating to our guts, duhhhh. I just don't get how the eating rice on this program would heal someone. But I think the rotation of foods, not eating the same foods every 4 days has something to do with it. And I think that if we all ate non gluten grains from birth, we wouldn't have damage like from gluten.

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