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Asked on October 26, 2013
Created October 26, 2013 at 10:10 AM

Ok so i am wondering.. i have been Paleo for full 4 weeks now. on Thursday i had about 2 pancakes (tried for first time) made with banana, baking soda etc. I added some Bacon to it as well baked in Ghee butter. As for lunch i finished a left over from yesterday, a beef stew from the slow cooker, after finished half of an pancake as well. Now.. the thing roughly about 3 hours i started to feel nauseous, strange feeling i could not explain which made me throw up 3 times. Next day i just had some light salad, cucumber, avocado, tomatoes.. nothing fancy here. And for dinner some chicken with some bok choy.. This morning my period started and i had loose stools twice, alternated in the end by diarrhea, no bad stomach pain or any. Last month before my period started i suddenly did not feel well, sweating, dizzy and bad stomach cramps..

I have no idea if it could be 'food poisening' or to much of anything..

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