Non-stick cooking?

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created May 19, 2010 at 12:14 AM

I just ditched my non-stick pan for stainless steel. Sticking is now a problem though -- particularly with eggs -- even though I use butter.

What do you folks do about this? I looked at Pam's ingredients a while back and wasn't happy.



on May 19, 2010
at 11:13 AM

I second this. A well seasoned cast-iron skillet is perfect for frying eggs.

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on May 19, 2010
at 12:44 AM

Both pan and fat must be at same temperature, especially if your eggs are still refrigerator cold. Need to wait a few moments before moving the eggs to avoid sticking.

As for other foods, its the same issue. Everything needs to be heated well, and don't start messing with the food until it's ready to move. If you're yanking on it to move it,

  • you had too little fat to start
  • or you need a different fat - use ghee instead of butter. Or switch to coconut oil or bacon fat
  • pan is too hot or too cold. put fat in cold pan, and heat both. fat should be shimmering before adding food.
  • use medium to medium high heat. any lower or higher will cause sticking or scortching
  • some food should be at room temp to cook - like steak. Take out of refrigerator, season as you like, let sit for 15-20 minutes before cooking. No, food won't spoil nor will it get tough.

Keep trying. It does take some practice. Before you know it, nothing will stick and you'll be the envy of friends and family!


on May 19, 2010
at 02:13 AM

Cast Iron! I know this doesn't really answer your question but I can't recommend Cast Iron enough. It's very Paleo compatible because you're encouraged to smother the cookware in fat (which soaks in and provides the non-stick ability). Highly recommended



on May 19, 2010
at 11:13 AM

I second this. A well seasoned cast-iron skillet is perfect for frying eggs.



on May 19, 2010
at 01:47 AM

Eggs and stainless steal are a lethal combination. They will stick no matter the temperature, fat, etc. Learn to live with something other than stainless (I keep a small calphalon pan just for eggs), or cook your eggs with indirect heat (boiling, etc.)



on May 21, 2010
at 05:56 AM

Cuisinart makes a pan called Green Gourmet that is apparently a bonded ceramic material. We use that and cast iron in our house, and they cover pretty much everything. Amazing non-stick ability!



on May 19, 2010
at 02:13 AM

I tried eggs n bacon in my old All-Clad large skillet but it was a disaster. I have a new Kitchen Aid non-stick that I only use on low-medium heat for that. Yeah, I know, but I'm not going to worry about it.



on May 19, 2010
at 01:59 AM

Check into Saladmaster cookware. It costs a mint, but those that use it say it is well worth the cost. They say they can't stand to use other cookware afterwards. It's made with surgical stainless steel mixed with 18 layers of copper, and coks evenly top to bottom without reacting with the food, lasts forever, and friends used to cook omeletes and fried eggs with them, they came out perfect without any oil added.


on May 19, 2010
at 01:07 AM

I ran into that same problem when I left the "dark side".

Coconut oil is a winner in my book so far, I've just found you have to stay on top of the items a little bit more than usual.

And I agree with Cheryl above, all food should be room temp before you cook. That is a big tip especially with grilling meat, let it sit out for awhile to warm up to room temp before you put it on the grill.


on May 20, 2010
at 09:02 PM

I find that if I use plenty of butter I have no problem with eggs sticking to stainless steel. And when I use less butter than I should have and it does stick, simply soaking in hot water loosens it, and with a little dish soap it comes right off.

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